Professional Language Training: Specialized Options

 A company or a student may propose a specific course topic (e.g., writing for finance) depending on their needs.

Advanced Executive English

This advanced course targets English use for professional contexts. Every week the executive reads articles from top business journals, reviewing vocabulary, discussion questions, and pronunciation.

Advanced Conversation

This advanced course focuses primarily on dialogue and open-ended communication. Each session, the participant discusses a different topic, aiming to expand and strengthen spontaneous dialogue in a natural and comfortable manner.

Advanced Reading and Vocabulary

This advanced course looks at different readings, short and extensive with the primary goal of boosting reading comprehension and vocabulary. The participant will study and practice writing passage summaries and identifying appropriate parts of speech.

Executive Conversation & Discussion

This advanced course is for the business professional looking to focus primarily on conversation and discussion at the executive level. The executive will be expected to communicate and ask discussion questions, simulating a professional context.

Current Events and Business Topics

This course is geared towards keeping the participant up-to-date regarding local, national, and global events and topics. Every session will look at a recent event, utilizing articles and/or videos to build vocabulary, appropriate word choice, and discussion.

Public Speaking and Presenting Effectively

This course centers on the theory and practice behind public speaking and presenting in a effective manner. The participant will read and watch various talks and train to emulate the various techniques that are studied throughout the course.


This course is tailored specifically to prepare the participant for the TOEFL exam. The course is divided into four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Each section will target the particular area of the exam as well as review various practice questions and sample exams.

*All courses are divided into 16 hour quarter periods. A minimum 16 h commitment is required. All course plans are revised and created every Quarter Course.

Training Length:

Full Level Course: 64 hrs.
Half Course: 32 hrs.
Quarter Course: 16 hrs.


Private: one-on-one
Groups of 2-4 Max.

Minimum Hours Per Week Recommendation

Level 1: 4-6 hours
Level 2: 4-6 hours
Level 3: 4-5 hours
Level 4: 3 hours
Level 5: 2 hours
Level 6: 1 hour