Spanish Program

Spanish for Latinos Track (Heritage Learners)

Do you speak Spanish or understand spoken Spanish but have a difficulty with writing and spelling?

This language track targets students that have an understanding of the language, but may have had little or no formal instruction. The typical student would have been born in the United States (or moved to the U.S. at a very early age) and most likely does not consider himself/herself a ‘native speaker’ of Spanish. This track builds on skills such as practice with family, at the workplace, or in new social settings. The aim is to improve formal speaking, reading, and writing for professional contexts and beyond.

Spanish for English Speakers Track

Is your first language English and are you interested in learning Spanish?

This language track is generally designed for the second language learner whose first language is English and who has been educated in the United States. This course has a large emphasis on communication and clarity of message. Grammar is treated implicitly, thus meeting the needs of a second language learner to succeed professionally as well as in a variety of contexts.

Business Contexts and Cases in Spanish (Level 3 and above)

This advanced Spanish course focuses on grammar structures and stylistics for the professional world. Participants will study various business cases dealing with market and business concepts, building the vocabulary and formal language skills necessary to succeed. The ideal participant would already have a solid understanding of Spanish grammar.

*All courses are divided into 16 hour quarter periods. A minimum 16 h commitment is required. All course plans are revised and created every Quarter Course.

Course Level Breakdown:

Full Level Course: 64 hrs.
Half Course: 32 hrs.
Quarter Course: 16 hrs.


Private: one-on-one
Groups of 2-4 Max.