Miami Elite


Our goal at Miami Elite is to provide superior training services to help meet your language and communications needs in a variety of areas and specialties.

All of our coaches have vast experience and hold higher educational degrees (MA, MS, MBA, Ph.D., JD).

Meet our Coaches

Mary Bartsh, Ph.D.
CEO, Executive English & Spanish Coach
Roberto Calderon, M.S. English Education

COO, Executive English Coach

Rachel David, M.A. Intl. Relations
Executive English Coach
Wenjing Xie, M.A. Intl. Studies

Mandarin Coach

Lorella Di Gregorio, Ph.D. Spanish
Spanish, Italian Coach
Lina Jardines Del Cueto, Ph.D. Spanish

Spanish Coach

Morabia Berroeta, J.D

Spanish Coach

Eliana Riesen, M.A. Portuguese Teaching
Portuguese Coach
Frederic Jouen, M.A.T. French

French Coach