Ainaí Morales, Ph.D.

Spanish Coach

Born in Caracas-Venezuela, Ainaí has spent the last ten years teaching university level Spanish Language, Literature and Culture courses. Also, she holds a Second Language Teaching Certificate from the University of Miami (where she has taught Spanish and Literature since 2011). As a PhD. Candidate at the University of Miami, Ainaí’s research interests are Visual Culture and 19th Century Latin American cultural productions, in Peru and Venezuela. In 2008, she published the book Juan Germán Roscio. La subversion de la palabra. Ainaí also works on professional editing and translation projects across industries in both, Spanish and English. Ainaí is passionate about teaching and studying language and culture. In her classes, she incorporates a diverse array of authentic materials, such as songs, newspapers, videos, etc., since she believes such approach enhances an optimal acquisition of confidence and competency in the target language. As a language coach, she is not only devoted to working  with her clients to build their confidence; but she is also willing to adapt courses to their particular needs and areas of interest.