Private Language Classes

Private Language Classes Miami Brickell

Our private language classes at Miami Elite Language Services, Brickell, strive to provide exceptional language training to corporations and business professionals. Our private class approach and flexibility are convenient for executives with demanding work schedules. Miami Elite offers private and customized courses in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin.

Private Class Approach:

Miami Elite utilizes a tailored approach which focuses on establishing excellent communication skills. All courses are crafted to meet the executive’s or individual’s needs and goals, fostering a highly personalized learning experience.

In-House Convenience:

No more crowded classrooms; we come to you! Schedule private sessions or small groups at your office or home. We also provide private classes at our office in Brickell.


Miami Elite understands the importance of flexibility when working with executives. Therefore, all classes are honored and rescheduled if the instructor is notified 24 hours in advance.

Miami Elite is proud to have trained and worked with professionals from the following companies:

Our Clients:

Partner Bank SantanderPartner Bank ItauPartner UBSPartner Juan Valdez Cafe
Partner BramosPartner AG AdvisorsPartner Easy SoluctionsPartner Amundi Pioneer
Partner Sony MusicPartner Love IbericoPartner Labbe
Partner Credit AgricolePartner EMSPartner China MedsaPartner Banco Do Brasil
Partner BAC FloridaPartner Pulso DesignPartner Mreidiano CeroPartner Grupo RB